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Family-owned company MAT d.o.o. Ljubljana was established in 1990 and is registered for production, trade and innovation activities. The company is a successor of former proprietorship that was manufacturing gears.

Gears - MAT d.o.o. LjubljanaOur company is specialized in development and design of gearings and their production in small to middle range production lots. We can manufacture transmission components completely or offer individual services of mechanical treatment e.g. gear-hobbing, broaching, cylindrical grinding etc. We are offering high-quality, optimized and price-efficient solutions in the field of drive technology to domestic and foreign industrial companies.

Vast majority of our products is designed for assembly in various industrial appliances and machines, therefore we carefully produce the components in accordance with high production standards and under constant quality control. A smaller part of our activities is dedicated to production of spare parts and components for prototypes in smaller lots or individually.

We have contributed our know-how and experiences in designing of gearings for numerous projects from various fields: precision mechanics, clockmaking, power tools, woodworking machinery, regulation mechanisms, farming and forestry, food processing and preparation, packaging, etc.

We are a reliable business partner with rich know-how, years of experience and flexible production, as our vast machining capabilities including more than 20 gear-hobbers. All components are custom made and we do not have any prefabricated or standard products on stock.

Tradition, knowledge and experiences are combined in high-quality transmission components. This is why we will remain Your competent partner when You wish to put the things in motion in the future as well.

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